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North’s Blue Star Regiment (BSR) has made many accomplishments and has gone very far this year in competition.

BSR has gotten almost all first place in their division, with high scores in Auxiliary as well as tournament champion.They have come especially far from the beginning and made many improvements from where they started as a team.

“We, as a whole, have come so far from where we started. I remember on the first couple days of Band Camp, no one even knew how to march. Now were able to memorize, and play, our whole show without a fluke. Not to mention our latest score of 80 points destroyed our first scores in the 60 to 70 range.”  said freshman Ian Guarneros.

          The BSR is especially proud of how far they have come and how well they have done in competition. They have built up the program as a team and have taught each other so much about working together to get the scores they do and do well in competitions.

          “We are definitely proud of how far we have come. Behind all our accomplishments we’ve had countless practices and hard work with lots of sweat involved. We are always happy about our accomplishments as the BSR feels proud whenever our name is called for awards” said freshman, Michelle Wang.

The BSR has many goals for the rest of the competition and for the next years in general. They plan to do well again and continue to get better and better at what they do. They know that they will work hard and work together to continue getting the great scores that they are getting and continue to improve as a team. The group has many goals at giving it their all at performances and showing everyone what they are really made of.

“My goal is to make sure that we all do our best, and that we continue build off of each other  so we can show everyone else what BSR is really made of.” said Guarneros.

The BSR has worked hard and its members are proud of how far the program has come.

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