Cancer Awareness Week

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Cancer Awareness Week was hosted on Oct. 10-14 by Renaissance in dedication of cancer awareness. Renaissance sponsored the week with different lunchtime activities each day. The organization also asked students to show support for those suffering from different types of cancer by wearing a specific color each day.

“Wearing different colors each day to spread cancer awareness made me feel glad that I was able to support those whose lives were taken from different types of cancers. There are many who have been diagnosed with cancer or whose family and friends [have]. While wearing the colors and participating in lunchtime activities, I just wish that it was a sign of encouragement to them to let them know they are not alone,” said senior Angelica Carbajal.

Students were asked to wear light blue on Monday in honor of prostate cancer awareness. Monday’s lunchtime activity was Cancer Facts and Myths during which students explained misconceptions and facts about cancer.  

The color was white for lung cancer awareness on Tuesday. The lunchtime activity was Pledge to Stand Up to Cancer in which students took pledges in order to support those fighting cancer.  In addition pink wristbands were distributed to students through their second period classes.

Wednesday was breast cancer awareness day and students were told to wear pink. The lunchtime activity was Men in Pink Obstacle Course Challenge. Renaissance brought in an inflatable obstacle course and challenged those who wore pink to do the course.

After school on Wednesday the pink-out volleyball game against Canyon Springs took place. Students who were wearing pink were granted free admission to the game. As a bonus they also received free Kona Ice.

Thursday’s color was navy blue for colon cancer awareness.  In second period during announcements, a moment of reflection was taken for those diagnosed with cancer. The lunchtime activity was Dedication Wall in Honor of Loved Ones with Cancer. In the arcade students listed names of friends or relatives they knew who were diagnosed with cancer.

Friday was the final day of Cancer Awareness Week and instead of a specific color Renaissance asked students to wear tie-dye clothing to bring awareness of all cancers. The final lunchtime activity was Unity Circle for which students formed a heart and held hands on the hill. This was to represent the students at North being united as one to stand up to cancer.

Renaissance planned and coordinated the events for Cancer Awareness Week ahead of time to make the week successful. Renaissance began planning for more than a week in advance.

They were divided up into committees and each committee was assigned a day. They were responsible for  the lunchtime activity that would be held on their day. The president of Renaissance directed the other members in what to do to prepare for the lunchtime activities.

Renaissance member sophomore Khanh Huynh said, “It’s nice to see a lot of people participating in the events and wearing the daily colors…[Renaissance] spent a lot of time making posters and doing our best to organize the daily events for the week.”

Many students were given the chance to help spread cancer awareness throughout the week and also learned many new facts about cancer. In addition,  North was able to unite as one and stand up against a problem many of the students’ families and friends fight daily.

“[Cancer Awareness Week] means a lot to me. I had a relative who died recently of breast cancer and it really touches my heart and it really makes [me] feel great inside. People need to know more about cancer and the awareness also helps bring more donations and funds for the research against cancer,” said junior Christian Viduya.

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Cancer Awareness Week